Track your Dids

The simplest way to track what you did

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Dids, not to-dos

Dids are something, anything that you've done. They can be progress towards a goal, a walk in the park or step towards your new adventure 🏔

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"Often the best way to get unstuck is to do anything, anything at all."


API (in progress)

Choose your favorite programming language or use curl to create dids and interact with the Dids API

# Create a new Did
curl -L \
-X POST --post302 \
-d api_access_token=myaccesstoken \
-d did="leet code: solved duplicate arrays in rust"
# Get Dids from the last 24 hours
curl -L \
-X POST --post302 \
-d api_access_token=myaccesstoken

Don't take our word for it! Try it out yourself!